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LC Info

JOINED: Day 103 during Reboot World (May 23 2017)
TRAILER: #24. Rooming with Taako.

✧COMMON CHANGE: Development of fangs, elongated fingers.

1ST CONTRACT: Broke a game and ripped a tent.
2ND CONTRACT: None yet.

CONTACT: [plurk.com profile] diremuta, pan#2663@discord

♺ First Impressions

Zim is the size of an average 10-11 year old human child and will never get any taller. His skin is a violent shade of green and he's lacking a nose and ears, even in his human disguise. He does, however, have a pair of black scythe-shaped antennae on his head that he likely uses to hear, and large ruby-coloured eyes that are more reminiscent of an insect's than a human's. His eyes are very shiny and lack pupils and irises, so it's sometimes tough to tell what he's looking at. Each hand has only two clawlike fingers and one thumb, and three clawlike toes on each foot (one issue of the comic drawn by a guest artist shows a very pointy heel). His arms and legs are thin and noodley and don't look as if they have much muscle at all. His teeth are a light pink colour and connect with each other, so that when his mouth his closed they look reminiscent of an interlocking zipper pattern. His tongue is very long and thin, and segmented like a worm. He's got his mouth open often so you will see that thing a lot.

His typical attire consists of Invader-issued clothing: a black-striped reddish pink tunic-shirt-thing with a light pink collar and sleeves, and black pants. In typical Jhonen style he also wears tall black boots and long black gloves (one of which can reveal a self-destruct button if needed). His human disguise consists solely of a black wig styled in an Elvis-esque quiff, and contact lenses that make his eyes appear as if they're normal blue human eyes. He wears several different disguises throughout the series, and for these has no problem dressing up as a woman or wearing make-up. He does seem to favour pinks, purples and blacks in his disguises.

Unless otherwise noted his PAK is always attached to his back by unknown means. Specifically, there are no visible straps as it literally plugs into his spine, which means that if it comes off one will be able to see two big vertical holes in his back. His PAK is a round metallic object with three large pink circles that can open up.
❱ AURAL: Zim is voiced by Richard Horvitz, with plenty of examples on youtube. He yells a lot, at completely random intervals, though he is capable of speaking like a normal person. His voice is pretty high-pitched though he randomly goes down into lower octaves for no reason, kind of scratchy and squeaky. His laughter is absolutely, one hundred percent, evil maniac and even his chuckles have a tendency to evolve into long, drawn-out bouts of it. He makes a whole lot of random noises in addition to the yelling and the laughing.

♺ IC Permissions

❱ PHYSICAL AFFECTION: Zim absolutely hates physical affection with the fury of a thousand suns. It thoroughly disgusts him.
❱ HUGGING: See above. Unless it's absolutely necessary he will shove the hugger away. He hates physical contact.
❱ FLIRTING: Possibly the one thing he hates more than physical contact! He tried the whole flirting thing with Tak and it was filled with pain and meat and being set on fire that any attempts at flirting will viscerally repulse him. Unless he can use it to his advantage somehow, then he'll grudgingly deal with it, but don't expect him to like it. Ever.
❱ RELATIONSHIPS: Zim does not believe in close personal relationships, or even friendships. There's an entire comic issue based on the premise that his (as an Invader) "best friend" is a little pen-shaped object called a squidgyblit. There are very few instances of Zim liking other people, and he does like someone they likely fall under evil sidekick/minion/slave or Almighty Tallest. Irkens fill the gaping hole in their heart meant for love with STUFF. They genuinely love STUFF.

So if you're STUFF he loves you. Or something.
❱ PHYSICAL VIOLENCE: Given that the Tallest regularly maim and pummel their subjects and no one ever bats an eye... physical violence is the norm for Zim. Even though he's small he won't hesitate to attack someone or fight back, and he enjoys seeing others getting hurt.
❱ KILLING: Zim really REALLY enjoys destroying things. This includes killing things and in general causing a whole lot of suffering.
❱ PSYCHIC & PSIONIC INFORMATION: WOW DON'T DO THIS. Reading his mind is a whole bunch of messed up and would likely result in driving the mindreader crazy - this happens with the Control Brains when they attempt it.

Zim's mind is a psychic's worst nightmare. He's rarely in a calm state of mind, with his emotions often being dialed up to 11 and his thoughts being erratic, super-intelligent and baffling all at the same time. That he has an alien mindset based in a literal alien culture of extreme materialism doesn't help things, either. His most prominent feelings tend to be complete rage and disgust, schadenfreude, or paranoia, and these are all generally at an utterly obsessive level.

It's brought up in the series that he has problems with his attention span; he often simply stops listening to people or flat out ignoring people, making them repeat themselves. Occasionally he gets abruptly bored with whatever he's doing, including having conversations with others and basic actions like laughing. On top of that are his memory problems, which can vary wildly between being extremely detailed or completely blank. Did I mention the delusions of grandeur? He's delusional, too. Have fun with that.

He's aware of these issues but has never taken any steps to correct them.
❱ MAGICAL INFORMATION: Zim is non-magical, one hundred percent alien science. He cannot sense anything magical. It should be noted that spooky science-magic exists in his world, but he doesn't actively use it.
❱ MEDICAL INFORMATION: Being an Irken comes with a whole bunch of weird alien quirks when it comes to his biology.

The first major quirk is that his entire body is an artificial shell grown in a test tube and used to tote his cybernetic brain, AKA his PAK. He has fewer internal organs than a human due to his squeedlyspooch, a super-organ that performs most bodily functions. His skeletal structure is similar to a human's, though strangely his teeth are not made of bone. Also unlike humans is his body's incredible resiliency; he bounces back quickly from being severely injured, and can do things like pop a completely detached eye back into his skull with no issue. As an invader Zim's eyes contain ocular implants.

During the galactic equinox Irkens undergo a molt, in which their skin/body swells and expands to disgusting proportions for a brief period of time. Irkens are also very sensitive to pollutants and meat, both of which can burn or set them on fire. They have a natural immunity to pests like lice.

Due to his PAK Zim's body doesn't require sustenance or sleep, containing a charging cell, atmospheric processor, memory drive and his downloaded personality. His PAK and his body do however work in tandem, and if the two are separated a ten minute life clock will appear in his mind's eye. If this clock reaches zero his physical body dies. His PAK, meanwhile, will kill anything non-Irken it attaches to within that ten minute limit.

Zim's PAK is notable in that it's defective, which essentially means his brain is incredibly, fundamentally broken. Go see psychic/psionic information for details.
❱ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: He is super, super sensitive about his height. And not having conquered anything yet. And having a PAK full of errors. Chances are bringing either subject up will cause him to pretend he didn't hear the person or fly into a rant about how superior he is.

His major fears involve having his body messed with. While injuries are fine he's terrified of, say, undead creatures like zombies or living creatures like alien-eating germs that could suck his blood out or devour his organs. Being experimented on is another fear related to this.
♺ OOC Permissions

❱ BACKTAGGING: I am always down for backtagging.
❱ THREADHOPPING: I love love love threadhopping. If the thread doesn't say closed then go nuts.
❱ FOURTHWALLING: Please don't fourthwall Zim that would be kind of weird.
❱ OFFENSIVE SUBJECTS & TRIGGERS: Animals getting hurt unnecessarily.